of sweet delight

The Coffee Clique, a small homegrown brand born in 2021 with a belief to provide the coffee community with an unmatched feeling of a good caffeine rush with its exquisitely flavoured beaten coffees. Our main motto remains to serve café like coffee at the comfort and ease of your home. Simply put, we love coffee and we love spreading this happiness in small jars amongst all of you.

At TCC, we understand the feeling of having a good cup of coffee to either start your day on a good note or to end it well with the warmth and taste of your favourite coffee.

Our beaten coffees are self-equipped with a surprise for your tongue, nose and soul. These pre-mixes will give you a savoury cup of coffee with the convenience of just adding hot or cold milk to get your delicious, aromatic, rich and creamy coffee ready. The froth that comes with our coffee gives your body that sweet kiss before the caffeine hits your soul. These pre-mixes can be enjoyed with iced cold milk on a hot summer day or can be cuddled with a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day!

Our aim is to cater the coffee needs of all, and proudly, we have something for each one of you. Thanks to our wide range of flavours, each having an absolutely different punch altogether.